Spring is the perfect time to get yourself green

5 Ways to Go Green for Spring

Spring is the perfect time to get yourself green

These days, the most important part of spring cleaning can be spring “greening.” While some may not be able to sport that new hybrid car, or line their home with solar panels, there are still simple ways to green up your life. In fact, the most basic elements of life provide the best opportunities to reduce negative environmental impact.

. Still buying H2O by the pallet? Give water filters a try. Whether a pitcher with a filter or a kitchen faucet attachment suits your lifestyle, either one will reduce the waste by those plastic water bottles.

Both will save you money spent on bottle after bottle, so you’re not missing that extra 10 bucks a month you get for taking the recycling out. Still need a bottle for the gym? Grab a BPA-free reusable bottle and add a little style to your gym bag.

. By now we all know that those spiral light bulbs will reduce energy and even save us money, so why haven’t we done it? Maybe we just don’t understand the truly huge effects. Let’s do the math: for every 60-watt incandescent (our usual light bulbs) in the home, there’s a better 15-watt (or less!) compact fluorescent (the spiral bulbs).

The average two-bedroom home has at least fifteen of them. Changing out all of old bulbs would save 45 watts each, or 675 watts overall, just by screwing in a few light bulbs! (To figure out what this means for your electric bill, click here.)

. It’s no secret that our oxygen comes from plants and the more we have, the cleaner our air. So, this spring, take a step toward a healthier environment and plant a tree. Take the extra step and make it a fruit tree, to boot.

Growing your own produce not only ensures that you have the freshest and the best, but its also a great way to promote a greener lifestyle, one step at a time. For those lacking the wide open spaces for tree planting, consider planting a balcony herb garden or simply bringing in plants that naturally freshen the air.

. Growing your own produce is great, but most of us can’t grow everything we need. For everything else, there’s farmers markets! Spring is the perfect season to visit farmers markets! Supporting local growers is a great way to reduce carbon emissions produced by commercial growers needing to transport their goods long distances.

Its also a great way to find organic foods without the high price tag. For some, “organic” carries a stigma, but all you really need to know is that organic foods were grown without the use of harmful chemicals. They’re simply the freshest (and often, the tastiest!) produce around.

. That bottom-line offers up a whole new way to go green. If you’re still making that daily trek to the mailbox, consider going paperless. Many organizations now offer paperless billing and statements. They simply send them to any email address you provide.

Its a more convenient way to keep track of those payables and receivables, too. Simply set up an inbox folder for anything needing to be paid and all of your monthly bills will be at your fingertips at any given moment. Say goodbye to late fees! Say hello to greener pastures!

Whatever your reasoning, “spring greening” this season can help you save money, reduce that carbon footprint, and live more simply. Going green doesn’t just help you, together, it helps everyone. So go ahead, take that first step (or second, or third)!