How to Green Clean a Wedding Ring

How to Green Clean a Wedding Ring

Do you remember the day he put that gorgeous new diamond on your finger? The sparkle was almost blinding. Yet, you’ve noticed recently  it doesn’t have quite the same glisten. If you are wearing your ring all day every day, then it is collecting lots of different soaps, oils and “gunk” that make it look dull. Green cleaning your ring is easy and should be done on a regular basis. Here are a few tips that can keep your ring sparkling, just the way it did that first day:

1.  Place a drop of castile soap in a bowl.  Carefully add a cup of boiling water and stir them together. Drop your ring into the mixture and let it sit as long as you can stand your ring off your hand. You will see the oils from moisturizers and soaps rise to the top. The soap is gently removing the buildup on your ring.  Find a small brush to remove buildup under the prongs. An inexpensive lip brush is perfect and can be purchased at any high end makeup counter like Sephora or Macy’s.

2. Never use anything acidic, like white vinegar, to clean your ring. Vinegar won’t hurt your diamond, but is will slowly eat away at gold and other precious stones.

3. To clean your ring overnight, find a small watertight container like a film canister and fill it with hot water and a drop of castile soap. Drop your ring into the canister and shake it–GENTLY. Let it soak in there over night and rinse it in warm water in the morning.

4. Keep your ring away from chlorine bleach and other harsh cleaners. If you must clean with bleach, make sure you either remove your rings or wear rubber gloves to protect it.