Welcome to Resounding Earth

We know that this big ball we live on is facing environmental and social challenges like never before. And we know that past actions already in motion, and the decisions we make now, will impact our, and the Earth’s future.

But life is fast-paced. We might ponder this while driving our SUV to work, listening to some celebrity PSA about global warming on the radio, sipping our bottled water and then forgetting to recycle said bottle. How do we connect the dots between our consumer lifestyle and environmental responsibility?

We’re glad you asked …

Resounding Earth is a new site dedicated to all things related to Home Steading and Self Reliance, getting off the grid and living closer to nature.

At Resounding Earth we’re about healthy living, conservation and, most of all, merging sustainable practices, self reliance, home steading and minimal impact living.

Better yet, we’re a one-stop destination, providing you with up-to-the-minute green news, home steading tips, product reviews and solutions.

So, join us! We believe that it really can be easy to be self reliant, make minimum impact, green, and live the life you want. One day — and one simple step — at a time.