Why You Should Consider Using Colloidal Silver

Why You Should Consider Using Colloidal Silver

Although silver has been used in healing throughout history, it isn’t discussed much in mainstream medical circles today. Some speculate that its effectiveness, availability and low cost (that is, if you make your own) has caused “big pharma” to want nothing to do with its spread and proliferation. After all, they can’t make money from something that people can make for themselves.

“A Silver Spoon” Could Save Your Life

There have been references to the use of silver for health purposes throughout human history; one of the more noteworthy instances occurred during the bubonic plague or “Black Death” outbreak of Europe in the 14th century, which killed an estimated 1.5 million people.

However, many wealthy and elite survived the plague, and it was later determined that their use of silver plates, cups, and utensils caused trace amounts of silver to be ingested and kept them safe from the disease.

As recently as the early 20th century, Western medicine has used colloidal and other forms of silver as an antibiotic, antibacterial and anti-fungal solution. However, around the 1930s, antibiotics became a major source of revenues for the pharmaceutical companies.

Starting at about this time, information regarding the uses and benefits of colloidal silver began to be downplayed, ignored, denied or even ridiculed — and this pattern continues today.

Most Germs Can’t Fight Colloidal Silver

However, as more and more antibiotics are created, it cannot be denied that diseases are evolving into strains that are resistant to them. By comparison, colloidal silver works consistently as an antibiotic no matter what the strain.

The silver atoms in distilled water work on a cellular level, choking off the respiratory systems of all kinds of pathogens including viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungal spores. It literally stifles the enzymes that the pathogens need for their survival, so they cannot develop resistance as they do with antibiotics. Silver also promotes the rapid healing of damaged tissues.

The only reported side effect, argyria (skin turning blue or grey) has been greatly exaggerated. You would have to drink large amounts of colloidal silver for this to happen, and healing benefits are experienced from just a teaspoon or two per day.

How to Make Colloidal Silver

To make your own colloidal silver generator, you’ll need the following:

  • soldering gun
  • 3 – 9 volt batteries
  • 3 – snap-on battery lead connectors
  • 2 – insulated alligator clips
  • 1 ft. – 3/32″ heat-shrink insulation tubing
  • 1 ft. – 2 conductor stranded insulated wire for clip-leads
  • 1 – 24 volt 40 mA sub miniature incandescent bulb
  • 1 – small box to put it all in (such as an Altoids tin)
  • 2 – 5 inch pieces of pure silver wire (.9999 fine — not sterling); #14 gauge is ideal
  • 1 – large glass jar or mug
  • pure distilled water
  • TDM meter/PPM tester

Steps to make colloidal silver

  • Solder the three snap-on battery lead connectors in series (red to black) to provide 27 volts.
  • Connect the 24V incandescent lamp in series with either positive or negative output lead.
  • Solder red alligator clip to positive (anode), then solder black insulated clip to the negative (cathode) 2-conductor insulated wires. (Shrink insulation over soldered connections with a hair dryer.)
  • Bend top ends of each of the 5 in. silver wires to clip over the rim of your glass.
  • Submerge about 4 in. of each wire in the distilled water.
  • Run your generator for about an hour, then test using a PPM tester or TDM meter.
  • Ideal PPM for colloidal silver is 10 to 20 PPM.

Suggested Health Uses for Colloidal Silver 

As an oral tonic. Small amounts (1 to 2 teaspoons) taken daily can offer immune system support against colds, flu, infections and viruses. You can also just take it if you ever feel a cold coming on.

Spray mist for wounds. Put some colloidal silver in a spray bottle and mist it onto cuts and burns to promote faster healing.

Oral health. Use as a mouth rinse for optimal oral health. For abscessed teeth, hold a mouthful of colloidal silver around the infected area for 10 minutes two to three times daily until the infection passes.

Staph infections. Staph infections can be fatal and are resistant to antibiotics. Colloidal silver works against staph. Use an eyedropper to drop it directly into infected areas.

Ebola? There doesn’t seem to be any definitive data as to whether or not colloidal silver could defend against the current ebola virus, but a paper by Rima Laibow, MD offers some compelling information.

As with any holistic or alternative treatment, use your own judgment and discretion as to whether or not it is a fit for you and your family.