Bugging in Place with the Elderly

Bugging in Place with the Elderly

Times are getting worse- we all know it. If there is an earthquake, hurricane, tornado, wild fire, or worse yet, a terrorist attack, where will you go? When the SHTF, do you know what you will do? What if you take care of one or both parents at home?

Many of us have elderly parents or friends that will need our help during the SHFT, and we will be their only resource. Bugging out with them won’t be an option. Also, seniors are especially vulnerable in times of crisis or stress. Here’s some things that you need to be aware of that will make your life much easier in case you need to bug-in at your house.

Food and Water

These are a given, along with guns and ammo, but you should already have those on hand and know how to use them. We all have water bottles and our own stash of food saved up for our families at home, but it’s worth mentioning because you don’t want it to become anything other than a first priority.

Other than supply, make sure you have either a water purifying system, cleaning tablets (iodine), or both just to make sure your water is always free of bacteria and chemicals. If you’re in need of helping out elderly family members, you will need to take care of medication as well.

Elder’s can have any number of special needs that need to be addressed. Here’s a list of helpful medical resources for your special seniors that are priceless in any stressful situation.

Home Security System

Home security systems are more important than ever before. If you have one in your house, you’re already a step ahead of the competition because you have something most people won’t expect in disastrous situations- another line of defense.

Most people will think twice about entering your home once they find out their efforts are not going to go unnoticed by you or the law- providing there is any law left in your neck of the woods. A home security system can be a valuable aid to protecting your gun collection, and it will keep gramps feeling less on edge during hard times. Here is a list of helpful home security tips for seniors.

Door Locks

Having quality locks on your doors and windows is essential to your surviving the cut, no matter how long it may last. Be it days, weeks, or months, you’ve got to ensure that they both last a good long while, and do the job they’re made for.

With the elderly in your care, it helps to make them feel as secure as possible, and this is a good way to cover that base. Another good recommendation is to shop online for which locks are preferred by police or other safety experts, and have them rush or overnight delivered to you.

In an emergency, there’s no security like a gun or jewelry safe.The older you are, the more likely you are to have jewelry and other notables that will need stashing. In an extended crisis, these can be used to barter against you. In fact, now there is the latest in safe technology that provides you the utmost security with a biometric lock.

If you’re wondering, how does a Biometric Lock work, it stays perfectly sealed until it recognizes your thumbprint, and uses it to open. There’s no time to waste with your and your parents’ safety at stake.

Tactical Lighting

It is imperative to have good lighting sources both inside and outside your place of residence for when you need them. Indoors, you need to have lights that will last, and a portable power generator in case your power is diminished due to the circumstances.

In a Bugged-in situation, you’ll always want the lights off when it starts to get dark anyway. There is a lot of crazy stuff out there, so when the unexpected finally does happen, you want to be prepared. In those situations, you don’t want to be caught off guard, and you definitely will want to do everything you can to take care of your elderly loved ones and their needs. With all this information, you will be well taken care of.