So you want to be a Prepper?

So you want to be a Prepper?

Do you have any idea how much you will need to know to be effective and just barely survive? There is so much information out there that it is impossible to learn it all. Aside from the fact that a lot of it doesn’t apply to you.

Each person is different and the world of Preppers is really confusing to someone that is just getting into it.  For myself, prepping is simply a method to make sure that my family and myself are safe in situations that may come to pass. I have no problems relying on the Government helping me in an emergency, but there is no guarantee that they will be able to do so or I might be so far down the list that assistance might take longer than I have.

Police can become overwhelmed, bureaucracies always have more important things to worry about and your needs are probably not first on the priority list. Basically, when something happens, you need a plan to deal with events if help doesn’t arrive. Relying on anyone in a professional capacity to save you is foolish and it can get you killed.

You should look at Prepping as a puzzle, you have to put the right piece in the right place. The problem is that every person’s puzzle is different, and has different pieces. My corner piece wont fit your puzzle even though we are both working on the same puzzle so what I tell you to do might not work for you.  

Don’t get mad when someone tells you how to do something. Listen and adapt what works for you into your plans. Im Old Army, so my concept of prepping is different from a lot of other people. For me, military methods work. For some, it wont.

Something you should consider, and this may sound harsh… Get your family and friends involved in it. You may be the most effective prepper in the universe, but if the crisis kills you, who is going to make sure your family is safe?

They need to know how to do the same things you know or all of the time and effort you put into learning to become a prepper has been wasted and they will probably get hurt or die just a few hours after you pass away.

Train to live as a family or a unit. Also you should decide who is in that unit before anything happens. This may sound like a strange thing to worry about but it may become the biggest mistake you make when a crisis happens.

If you don’t watch what you say and do, you could be planning to support 3 people and end up with 15 people relying on you in an emergency. Trust me on this as it happened to me during the tornados of 2011. It would be better to plan for 15 people and get them involved early so they can help themselves. This is a good time to figure out what you’re going to do with your pets as well.

Ill use the basic information that the Government uses to explain these things, and take what you want from the information I provide, leave what you don’t need, but the most important part is that you learn something useful.


The world is changing, the earthquake is still shaking and the water is still rising. What are you going to do? This is the moment that you have to decide if you can stay or go. You have to understand what you are dealing with and it may be something that you never planned on.

During this phase, survival is the most important issue you will face. This is the point that you have to make decisions that will be important for the next 72 hours. Do you Bug Out or Bug In? Do you use those batteries that you have in your stash?

Do you eat the food you have stored away or relax and wait for things to calm down and power to be restored? Right now, you have to focus on getting through the next few days, not the next few months.


This is the hours or days after the crisis. You have to focus on the next few weeks instead of the next few hours. The crisis has passed and you and your family are not in immediate danger. You have to assess the situation that you are in and how many supplies and resources you have. How will you get more supplies?

Do you have a logistics plan in place and can you implement it? This will be the time to make sure that you have shelter to protect yourself and fire to cook with. Sanitation is not a massive concern yet. You need to begin looking into getting things back to normal if possible. Think about Food, Water, Shelter, and Security.


Recovering from a crisis is not easy. You might be in a position that others around you decide they need your supplies more than you do, you might be relocated by the Government to a safer area that might not be as safe as you feel you were before their interaction. The recovery phase of the incident may take months as it did with Hurricane Katrina.

The people that went to help were not all there to help. Looters and others took advantage of the situation. The Government thought it was doing the best for the people but many of them were pushed further away from their safe zone. It may take a few months to a year to get through the process of recovery and during that time, you may have to decide how far you will go to survive.


So everything has gone to hell in a hand basket, the Government has not been able to recover, things have gotten past the concept of recovery, and there is no fixing it. It might happen, it might not. Some Preppers are prepping for this very situation. If it happens, things will certainly be different in this world. In this phase, you will need those seeds so you can start farming and solar panels and wind generators to power the bare necessities.

Its no longer a requirement to get through 72 hours or a week, you are looking at years to survive through winters and summers, consider what it will take to survive for the rest of your life. This should be your ultimate goal in prepping even though most of us might think this would never happen. All those things you did in the first 3 phases of the incident culminate into the end result of rebuilding.

Still want to be a Prepper?