Top 50 Gifts for Preppers

Top 50 Gifts for Preppers

This time of year is called the season of giving. And what better gift can you give then that of preparedness. When the lights go out or a disaster strikes, a shiny new flat screen isn’t going to help you. So I’ve put together this comprehensive holiday gift ideas list in order of price. Hope you enjoy!

Cheap Preppers Gifts – $1-$5

  • 100 Hour Candle
  • Water and Wind Proof Matches
  • Bucket and Bung Opener
  • Gas Shut Off Wrench
  • SnapLight Glow Sticks
  • P-38 Can Opener
  • Emergency Poncho
  • Hand Warmers
  • Survival Whistle
  • Magnesium Firestarter
  • Heat Cell Fuel Can

Inexpensive Preppers Gifts $6-$20

  • Mobile Washer (Hand Operated Washing Machine)
  • A #10 Can of Food Storage Item of Choice
  • Emergency Flashlight
  • Apple Box Oven (DIY Project)
  • Hand Crank Beater
  • Emergency Wool Blanket
  • Knowledge – Books, Lists, How-To Guides, etc.
  • Water Purification Tablets
  • 5 Gallon Polycarbonate Container
  • Foldable Emergency Toilet
  • Water Siphon
  • Mixer Pitcher (Great for Mixing Powdered Milk)
  • 6 Gallon Bucket with Gamma Lid

Moderately Expensive Gifts for Preppers $21-$40

  • Water Filter Bottle (I prefer Katadyn or Seychelle)
  • A #10 Can of Freeze Dried Food
  • Butane Stove
  • 10 Gallons of Gas
  • Black Out Window Covers (Home Defense Essentials)

Expensive Gifts for Preppers $41-$70

  • Kelly Kettle
  • Emergency Radio
  • Emergency Fire Escape Ladder
  • Water Barrels (15-55 Gallons)
  • Hand Operated Wheat Grinder
  • Negative Degree Sleeping Bag
  • Lantern
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Fired Up!™ Fuel in a Bucket

Very Expensive $71-$100

  • Hand Crank Blender
  • Big Buddy Propane Heater
  • Volcano II Collapsible Stove
  • Family Sized Tent
  • Two Way Radios

Money Coming Out of Your Ears $100-$300

  • 5 Gallons of Honey (A Years Worth of Sweetener with an Endless Shelf-life)
  • Pressure Cooker Canner
  • 1 Month of Food Storage (Lots of stores offer this in packages)
  • Dehydrator
  • Water Filter (Once again, I prefer Katadyn. In my opinion, the Combi model is the best deal.)
  • SunOven
  • High Quality Backpack